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What to look for when buying Resveratrol Supplements
There are many resveratrol supplements on the market to choose from. Some are good quality and others are not. Ensure when comparing brands you are comparing apples to apples by verifying the concentration of each supplement. Below are some pointers to help you.
  • Avoid Sites Promoting Free Trials: When enrolling into a free trial you are signing yourself up for a very expensive rebill program which is very difficult to cancel (as reported by the better business bureau).
  • Check their Resveratrol Concentration: Buy from companies that are upfront about their product and what they have to offer. If they do not disclose their supplement's Resveratrol concentration (ex. 100mg, 200mg...) avoid them.
  • Avoid Misleading Verbiage: Avoid supplements stating "Red Wine Extract" or "Resveratrol Complex" in their supplement ingredients. If they do not publish the actual amount of Resveratrol in their supplement, avoid.
  • Avoid Very Low Concentrations: Avoid supplements that contain very low concentrations of resveratrol (in the range of 10-25mg). These supplements will have products will have minimal results, if any at all.
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